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xSMS - SMS Communications Simplified (Outbound, Inbound & Workflow Based SMS)

xSMS integrates your existing SFDC org with industry leading SMS gateway to enable you to send and receive SMSs directly from within your SFDC org, seamlessly integrating SMS activities with your business processes.

International SMS. Send Ad-hoc, Bulk and Event-based SMSs to Leads, Contacts and Campaign Members by using a Simple, Familiar SFDC interface for Setup and Execution of SMSs. Click here for Product Demo or Visit our website

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  • Simple, Familiar interface for Setup and Execution of SMSs.
  • Send Ad-hoc, Bulk and Event-based SMSs to Leads, Contacts and Campaign Members.
  • Template-based SMS Message Management for sending personalized SMSs.
  • Inbound SMS Capture to automatically create Leads (Marketing), Cases (Customer Service) or Campaign Members.
  • Automated management and consolidation of all SMS communications (incoming and outgoing) under Activity History. Track entire SMS lifecycle from ‘Scheduled’ to ‘Delivered’ or ‘Failed’.
  • Relate SMSs to other associated Standard and Custom entities (Account, Campaigns, Cases etc).
  • Pre-paid Competitive Pricing (per SMS).
  • Admin Console for ordering additional SMS Credits, Product Support and Additional Services.
  • Standard SFDC interfaces for SMS Template Creation, Workflow-based SMS Setup and SMS Communications (Activity History).

Outbound SMS

Ad-hoc SMS: Send ad-hoc SMSs to SFDC contacts and leads directly from the details page or related list Bulk SMS: Send Bulk SMSs to Leads and Contacts as part of an SMS Marketing activity related to a Campaign. eg.

  • New Product Launch
  • Announcements
  • Bulk Notifications
  • Other Marketing Communications
Event-based SMS: Send event-based and time-based SMSs automatically from the system. eg.
  • Reminders (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Payment Dues etc)
  • Notifications (Acknowledgement, Status Update etc)

Incoming SMS

Capture incoming SMSs to automatically create new Leads, Cases and even Custom Objects. eg.

  • Capture new Leads against a marketing campaign
  • Capture customer support requests
  • Capture custom process information such as Loyalty Program participation for points calculation, redemptions etc

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Great SMS/SFDC intregration
We have a lot of people our company deals with on a daily basis. We can use this SMS app with the leads and contacts tabs, with ease. There is a slight learning curve, but that is to be expected with any app. Yes there are free SMS apps out there, but they are not nearly as effective or have the integration potential that xSMS has.

The workflows and automation that we wanted for the most part came with the app. There were a few additional features that we had made special for our instance of SF. Once these were installed, this is a potential gold mine for us, given the amount of additional leads we can now address on a daily basis. The support staff will work with you to setup any desired extras your company may require.

I highly recommend this SMS app.

- Angelo Julian

Powerful and easy to use SMS functionality
Thanks so much for setting up our SMS service in such a short time to help us meet a deadline. It is a comprehensive SMS implementation with SMS trigger buttons in very appropriate places in every relevant object within the Salesforce system and it works very well. SMS pricing is a bit on the high side compared to local SMS costs.

- Willem Van Tonder

Great App
xSMS is a great app whether you need it for marketing or case handling. Good native interface that seamlessly integrates with the SF Platform. The Xarlesys team have been prompt with the sales and support and here's hoping to many more great products from them soon.

- guha
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xSMS Value Proposition


xSMS is a great app whether you need it for marketing or case handling. Good native interface that seamlessly integrates with the SF Platform...

- Guha , Stylus Services Inc

When Wefixit was being conceptualized, A Customer Relationship Management Software, appeared to be a necessity but not possible....

- Manoranjan Singh MD . WeFixIt

Its been a pleasure working with the team of professionals at Xarlesys.Xarlesys has consistently delivered high quality results...

- Cheers, Gerhard

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