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The most-comprehensive on-demand CRM solution for Commercial and Residential Real-Estate Developers, Brokers and Agents. Automates key business processes for Real Estate Marketing & Sales, CRM, Accounting & Finance and Customer Service.

Best-in-class, next generation solution automating key business processes for Marketing, Finance and CRM.


At Xarlesys, we don’t stop at implementing a solution alone. We focus on delivering measurable operational metrics to make yours a high performance organization. Owing to our expertise in project management we execute even the most complex of implementations.

Xarlesys - Project Management

Project Management

Whether it is a Commercial or a Residential Project, xRE CRM offers the following features to Developers, Leasing Agencies and Property Managers to setup and define a structure, commercial terms and other key attributes to manage Property Projects:

  • Create Project Layout and Structure: Towers, Floors, Sectors, Streets, Plots
  • Define Property Types offered by the Project and associated Payment Plans and Milestones
  • Setup Property Pricing Rules including Brokerage and Commissions
  • Manage Property Inventory and Check Availability
  • Define Additional Charges associated with Properties: Basic Sales Price (BSP), Preferred Location Charges (PLC), Car Parking, Club Membership and Maintenance etc.
  • Setup Brokers and Channel Partners associated with the Project and
    Allocate property inventory
  • Analyze Project Profitability by comparing various elements of Budgets, Expenses and Actual Revenue

Property Bookings and Revenue Management

  • An intuitive user-friendly wizard based interface for Sales Teams and Partners to create Commercial (Floor, Offices, Plots, Warehouses) and Residential (Apartments, Plots) Property Booking Requests
  • Automated Approval Processes to ensure Process Compliance, Validations and Prerequisites are met before a Booking Request can be approved
  • Detailed Financial Accounting by maintaining a Booking Ledger for each Booking supporting Audit and other Compliance Requirements
  • Auto-calculations of Taxes, Interests, Late Fees, Cheque Bounce and other Charges as applicable
  • Easily track Payments against Dues and stay on top of Outstanding/Overdue Payments
  • Automatic Brokerage Calculation and Creation of Payment Dues based on Brokerage Rules on the Property and Milestones Due
  • Generate and Print Invoices, Receipts and Customer Agreement/Contracts and other custom formatted documents directly from the System

Property Rentals and Lease Management

xRE CRM simplifies the Lease Management Process for Real Estate Managers and Agents/Brokers by allowing them to:

  • Define a Leasable Property as per Customer Requirements by a user-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive property search and matching for relevant properties from various developers for Agents/Brokers
  • Manage and Execute Rental/Lease Contracts and Renewals
  • Define and Manage Assured Return Rates
  • Capitalization for increase/decrease in Lease Rentals
  • Automated Calculation of Assured Return Payment Dues based on Assured Return Rates and Policies

Broker/Agent Management

xRE CRM helps Developers and Property Managers coordinate with Brokers and Agents

  • Define and Setup Channel Partner (Broker) Levels
  • Allocate Property to Brokers, Define Commission Rates and Assist Channel Partners to close more Business
  • Run and Execute Partner Rewards Programs to build Broker/Agent Loyalty and encourage high-performers
  • Define and Manage Assured Return Rates
  • An Online Broker Portal for Brokers to search thru available Property Inventory and Create Booking Requests.
  • Access Brokerage and Payment Status information real-time

Real Estate Marketing & Sales

  • Manage complete Marketing process from Campaign budgeting to execution. Track and measure ROI on all Marketing Activities
  • Capture Leads from multiple channels including SMS, Email, Website and Social Media
  • Plan and track Sales Activities from Enquiry to Booking
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook and Twitter) for Lead Capture, Brand Management, Community and Social Communications

Customer Service

  • Case Management System to track Customer Queries, Enquiries and Complaints. Capture Service Requests from multiple channels including Website, Email, Social Media, Phone etc
  • Advanced Case Management features like Assignment Rules, Auto-Response, SLAs and Escalations etc to ensure Customer satisfaction
  • Customer Portal for Customers to Self-Service. Customers can Create Service Requests, Browse Knowledge-base (Solutions Database, FAQs etc) and Check Status of their Pending Requests themselves
  • Easy to setup integration with your telephony infrastructure to setup a highly productive Call Center

Other Productivity Tools (available within xRE CRM)

  • Mobile Access (Blackberry, iPhone etc)
  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Google Apps (Gmail, Docs) Integration
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Bulk data upload tool and other data utilities
  • Configurable workflows, approval processes and automated Email/SMS notifications for Payments Due and other Reminders
  • Automated notifications
  • Wizard based interface to create real-time Reports and Dashboards in various formats with the flexibility to drill-down based on parameters
  • Ready-to-setup integration with Payment Gateways
  • Configurable security and access to the System and Data
  • Customizable Email and SMS Communication Templates

  • Built on world class cloud computing platform
  • Ready to use. No software installation
  • Very user-friendly, even for non-technical ones
  • No upfront cost, Pay-as-you use model.
  • Subscription based per user fee
  • Multi-tenancy model resulting in reasonable cost on unmatched infrastructure
  • Highly Secured and confidential
  • Zero addition in infrastructure
  • Hassle free upgrades

Editions and Pricing

xRE CRM is a cloud-based application built on (industry's leading Cloud Computing platform for Business Applications).

xRE CRM is available in two versions:

  • xRE CRM – A stand-alone application built on Platform
  • xRE CRM for Salesforce – An extension to Salesforce CRM, available for Salesforce CRM customers

Click here for Editions.

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xSMS is a great app whether you need it for marketing or case handling. Good native interface that seamlessly integrates with the SF Platform...

- Guha , Stylus Services Inc

When Wefixit was being conceptualized, A Customer Relationship Management Software, appeared to be a necessity but not possible....

- Manoranjan Singh MD . WeFixIt

Its been a pleasure working with the team of professionals at Xarlesys.Xarlesys has consistently delivered high quality results...

- Cheers, Gerhard

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