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xRealtors app designed for Real-Estate agents and business to help organize, manage and scale up business operations. xRealtors app automates key business processes of real-estate sector, so that, realtors focus on closing more deals with achieving higher business visibility and be more responsive.

xRealtors app is designed to be flexible to meet business requirements of all sizes. Leverage or extend product features based on your business needs and growth.




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High business visibility and access is must for scaling up your business both in terms of size and revenues. In layman's terms, the more people know your business the more will be your business volume. xRealtors app is designed to make your business more visible and accessible in your operational area. With xRealtors you get 

  • integrated branded website talking to your back-end xRealtors application for efficient property listing, opportunities & agent management
  • specialized digital and social media marketing strategies
  • robust customer communication processes including automated emails
    and SMSs
  • increased visibility to your business , your prospects can reach out to you via emails, SMS, Web, Facebook and phone which in turns provide you with means to capture business from multiple sources in your xRealtors application.

From our extensive study and experience in real-estate sector, we identified that at one time prospect will be in touch with several realtors. You stand better chances of closing deals if you are equipped with real-time data to get back to your prospect in minimal possible time. xRealtors app is designed to make all such business automations to help you be more responsive.

xRealtors helps you with

  • real-time cross opportunity identifications including real time pulling n from your MLS systems.
  • track & manage your daily activities including showings, tasks, meetings, follow-ups etc. straight from xRealtors applications so as you never miss any activity along with making your overall business more disciplined.
  • manage your business on the way with xRealtors mobile apps suitably configured as per your business processes.
  • robust but yet configurable opportunity management lifecycle to help you keep track of deals

seamless business automations makes you more productive. xRealtors is designed to automate several key business processes which help you to focus more on your business. Some of the key business automations included in xRealtors app are

  • configurable automated emails and SMSs
  • cross opportunity identification and respective communications
  • real-time email, SMS notifications for tasks, meeting & showing reminders, configurable notifications for opportunities, agents activities, task escalations etc
  • seamless integration with Google Services and Microsoft Outlook
  • automated opportunity closure process including commissions calculations
  • automated lease rentals calculations and fees management

xRealtors addons

Web integration

seamless business automations makes you more productive. xRealtors is designed to automate several key business processes which help you to focus more on your business. Some of the key business automations included in xRealtors app are

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xSMS integration

SMS communication is instant and generates quick ROI. Imagine having capability which automatically informs all prospects with relevant information once their property criteria are met and then your prospects can reach your business via just by texting back.

Moreover you get capability of configuring business rules to send automated SMS's to closely follow up customer requirement. All this is made possible with quick start SMS addon available with xRealtors.

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MLS integration

Already having membership of MLS services in your area?

If yes, why access two different systems while working on critical deals. Introducing seamless MLS integration addon services which automatically pulls relevant properties information from MLS systems straight in your xRealtors app in to real time.

Now with MLS integration addon you can be more responsive and get back to prospects with right information quickly. Not only that, MLS integration addon works with website integration services to empower your business to differentiate from competitors.

Social media integration

Social media integration is a must for any consumer oriented business.

With xRealtors social media plug in now increase your business visibility, fetch business from social media channels.

Your website can be seamlessly integrated with social media driven analytics and features e.g. capture contact information & activities from social media channels.

xRealtor app development team working on to develop a standalone integrated facebook app with xRealtors back end to enable you to have property listings directly on facebook.

xRealtors Managed Services integration

We understand you want to focus on your business rather than managing your IT support systems. Leverage xRealtors managed services in which we are responsible to administer and manage your application enhancement such as user permissions, reports and dashboards, business rules configuration, day to day queries, best practices consulting and many more at just a fraction of cost.

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xRealtors mobile

manage your business and be in control all the way. access xRealtors app from your smart phone leveraging mobile services

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Account, Contact & Agent Management

  • manage business accounts, agents and contacts
  • manage contacts types e.g. buyer, seller, tenant, agent etc.
  • locate contacts & agents and associated properties on google maps.
  • configurable list view to filter contacts, accounts & agents
  • mass emailing and SMS to contacts
  • activities management against contacts e.g. tasks, emails, SMSs, meetings, showings etc.
  • create contacts directly from integrated website and social media channels
  • advanced analytics and dashboards around accounts & contact management
  • agent performance matrix and analytics


Property types and property inventory

  • define and manage property types
  • manage property inventory along with property ownership & property history
  • manage foreclosure properties and diligence details
  • accounts and contacts create business contacts directly fromproperty management fees against leased properties
  • locate property on map
  • upload multiple images for properties
  • seamless property listing on integrated sites
  • fetch properties from your MLS system in real-time

Opportunities, commisions and lease Management

  • manage opportunities of all types i.e. Buying, Selling, Leasing & Tenant opportunities
  • real time automatic identification of cross opportunities
  • auto commission calculation and accounting ledger management
  • manage opportunity contact roles
  • manage showing, tasks, activities, meetings, expenses against opportunities
  • get opportunities from integrated website
  • manage multiple agents involved in opportunity life cycle
  • manage lease contracts and property management fees
  • automated creation of lease rentals and management fees
  • reports and analytics

Daily activities management & analytics

  • complete calendar management
  • task, activities and activity history management
  • meeting request and meetings management
  • automated reminders for task & meetings
  • showings management and reminders
  • detailed configurable reports and dashboards

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xSMS is a great app whether you need it for marketing or case handling. Good native interface that seamlessly integrates with the SF Platform...

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Its been a pleasure working with the team of professionals at Xarlesys.Xarlesys has consistently delivered high quality results...

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