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Easyloader is an integration suite within SFDC platform, developed for SF end users to provide them with functionality for quick manipulation of data. SF administrators also can use Easyloader for loading data from external applications to SF in no time. Also maintaining all the history of user operations to enable administrators for keeping track/check on the user actions.
For more information about EasyLoader please click on EasyLoader User and Installation Guide .

EasyLoader Overview


EasyLoader is a data utility for platform that enables Salesforce users and managers to perform bulk data operations. Users can perform the following data operations on both standard and custom objects:

  • Insert
  • Update
  • Upsert
  • Delete

The utility provides an easy-to-use familiar interface. It is available natively on and hence does not require any client component to be downloaded and hence ensure data security and improves overall performance of the process. This utility is ideally suited for users looking for an easier and convenient way to enter or update multiple records to the Salesforce system. It works in compliance with Salesforce data access and permission settings and users will only see the fields and objects as per the access provided.

Xarlesys also offers customized solutions for EasyLoader based on your data migration requirements for instance creating contacts, accounts directly by importing the data file that helps saving precious business time. EasyLoader enables users to see all the details of the process on the interface and creates a history record for each process, enabling managers and administrators to track user activities.

  • Native tool for fast data processing and integration.
  • Support all data operations (Insert , Update , Upsert and Delete).
  • Inbuilt anti-duplication and user operations tracking.

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