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Displays organization role-hierarchy using Google Visualization API. Users can opt to display only roles or the users and their roles. One can also opt to display only active users, or all users. Display is similar to Visio org chart.


  • Visually displays organization’s role hierarchy, with roles and users
  • Uses Google Visualization API
  • Free, supported application

It is challenging to visualize and understand the role in Salesforce role hierarchy. And it is multi step process to figure out, who is assigned to which role using standard Salesforce role-chart.

Xarlesys “Org Role Chart” application to represent Salesforce role-hierarchy in role-chart format. Since, the display is similar to visio chart for organization, it is very easy understand the structure of roles. As this chart also displays users assigned in each role, thus provides complete picture for organizations role-hierarchy in single screen.

Works Well for Specific Needs

This little app works well to visualize where somone sits in the defined role hierarchy. For end users, it can show the reporting structure and all the roles below and above it in an easy to use visual chart. Would like to see security applied to the selection of roles, but otherwise it fit our basic needs.

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xSMS is a great app whether you need it for marketing or case handling. Good native interface that seamlessly integrates with the SF Platform...

- Guha , Stylus Services Inc

When Wefixit was being conceptualized, A Customer Relationship Management Software, appeared to be a necessity but not possible....

- Manoranjan Singh MD . WeFixIt

Its been a pleasure working with the team of professionals at Xarlesys.Xarlesys has consistently delivered high quality results...

- Cheers, Gerhard

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